This is a survey to provide the Reunion Committee with an estimate of how many people will be attending the 2016 Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida, May 12-15.  Filling out this survey DOES NOT MEAN you are registering for the reunion.  To register you will have to fill out the Reunion Registration Form and send it along with your payment to the address listed on the form.

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I will be attending the 2016 reunion,
Thursday May 12 to Sunday May 15 in
Jacksonville, Florida:
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Will your spouse/significant other be attending?
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Will you be staying at the "official" reunion hotel, the DoubleTree by Hilton Jacksonville Riverfront? Yes
No, a different hotel
No, local to area

There is preliminary planning for a day trip to St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest
city in the United States is being planned for Friday, May 13. St. Augustine
is about an hour south of Jacksonville.

Additionally, there is a strong possiblity that the USS Adams will be in Jacksonville
sometime mid-to-late 2015. If the Adams is in Jacksonville during our reunion, we,
the shipmates attending the reunion and who are able, will probably take part of
of Friday to report on board and perform whatever maintenance they may need done.
Should this be the case, then the ladies attending the reunion would go by themselves
on the day trip to St. Augustine. Of course, any shipmate is welcome to go to
St. Augustine if they don't want to chip paint on the Adams.

Are you interested in going on a St. Augustine day trip?: Yes
If yes or maybe, number on tour (including yourself):

Are you interested in reporting on board the USS Adams for work detail?: Yes

Will you be attending the Crew Meeting? Yes

Will you be attending the pizza party? Yes
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Will you be attending the reception? Yes
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Will you be attending dinner? Yes
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