Elected Association Officers Only

Volunteer Officers
The Big Nickel Editor:   Kirk Neuman
Ship's Historian:   Mike Margeotes
Chaplain:   Wayne Miller
Ship's Storekeeper:  Kirk Neuman
Master At Arms:  Chuck Ketteringham
Reunion Committee:  Glenn Johnson, Kirk Neuman

Executive Council
Voting Members
Executive Director: Glenn Johnson
John Cubells, Michael Cheney,
Jim Miller, Danny Timm

Advisory Members
The Big Nickel Editor (Kirk Neuman)
, Reunion Coordinator (Glenn Johnson, Kirk Neuman,
The Big Nickel Webmaster
 (Kirk Neuman)

DDG-5 Crew Member's Association Officers
ET3 John Cubells
Onboard: 85-89
BM3 Michael Cheney
Onboard: 75-79
Vice President
HM3 Jim Miller
Onboard: 71 - 73
BT2 Glenn Johnson
Onboard: 64 - 68