DDG-5 Association Ship's Store
Coffee Cups: $5
I have a very limited supply left.  Once they're gone, they're gone.
Hats (one size fits all): $16

Denim Shirts
If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Ship's Storekeeper.
(Pictures coming soon)

Make checks out to:
DDG-5 Crew Members Association
Send orders to:
DDG-5 Ship's Store
c/o Kirk Neuman
141 Strese Lane
Apple Valley, MN

Ship's Patches: $10
Flag Billed Hat: $20
(Ricketts only)
Photo Coffee Cups: $12
Polo Shirt (Blue)
Challenge Coin: $12
Order with or without pocket.  See Order Form for latest prices.
Long Sleeve

Short Sleeve
See Order Form for latest prices.
Shirts come with ship name, DDG-5 and ship sillouette over the right pocket.  Monograms are available on the right side of the shirt up to 4 lines.
Click here for information on these hats
I have a limited number of ship models available for sale at $20 each.  Fair warning, these are pretty small models (1:700) when finished.  I've added the model to the Order Form so use that to order.
If you would like to pay via PayPal, use this link to find out the additional PayPal fee, then click the button below and enter the amount.  Send a copy of your order form to the Ship's Storekeeper.